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Founder and managing director Shane Couttie established Effective Freight Solutions in 1996. After several successful years managing International and domestic freight for multinational freight companies Shane believed an opportunity existed that the traditional freight company’s found difficult to answer.

EFS recognise that to gain longevity in the business world these days we must continually evolve. One of the key ingredients for successful evolution is a strong partnership with clients, suppliers and staff. Our combined knowledge, integrity and commitment to excellence provide the catalyst, to allow clients to take the next big step forward. EFS understand a positive performance result in the now will always be more credible than any future promise.

Our ethos is to add value to our clients business by providing:
  • The ability to identify opportunities for business where seemingly all other options have failed.
  • A depth of experience to not only listen but to understand your requirements.
  • The knowledge that what works for today may well need to be modified for tomorrows challenges.
  • Accept an uncompromising assurance of taking ownership and welcoming responsibility.
Performance monitoring:
  • Implement KPI’s which align customer expectations with carrier capabilities.
  • Continued analysis to identify customer’s criteria is being met.
A focus on outcomes:
  • The belief that pragmatic decisions will only emanate from accurate knowledge and information.
Our Vision

Our vision consists of four core values that are at the heart of our business. They are; Trust, Integrity, Responsibility and Work Ethics. This vision enables us to be synonymous with excellence in all aspects of our client's supply chain.

To learn more about our vision, please see our Vision Statement.

Managing freight across Australia and around the world