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Domestic air freight solutions in Australia

We provide domestic air freight across most areas in Australia. Our end-to-end air freight services allow you to deliver your small satchels and boxes overnight to capital cities and regional areas with minimal fuss. Air freight is a perfect service for you if you want cost-effective, overnight delivery with minimal wasted time on the road.

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We handle everything from

  • Next day delivery
  • Time sensitive satchels and boxes
  • Cost-effective overnight delivery
  • Simple, reliable delivery between capital cities
  • Fragile, delicate and important items

Why domestic air freight is perfect for you

Air freight is perfect for you if you need to deliver fragile, delicate or emergency packages – fast. If you are looking to send small satchels or boxes and you need them delivered urgently, domestic air freight is a reliable, effective and safe option.

Domestic air freight can be a more reliable service for a number of reasons. Some of which include: increased security, more care taken for fragile and delicate items, less risk of traffic incidents or truck breakdowns, less room for human error. You can learn more about how domestic air freight can benefit your business in this article.

Many business owners assume that air freight is a more expensive option than road freight. However, for small satchels and boxes, air freight is highly cost effective, efficient and gives you plenty of destination options.

Our domestic air freight next day services also allow you to maintain a competitive advantage by delivering urgent and important satchels to your customers faster than your competitors can deliver by road freight.


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  • Urgent delivery of small satchels & boxes
  • Cost-effective, reliable & fast
  • Great alternative to road freight for small items
  • Gives you a competitive advantage
  • Increased security for important cargo

How does air freight work?

  1. Freight is picked up from your location and delivered to depot
  2. Processed & put on the aeroplane for take off
  3. Arrives at destination airport
  4. Picked up from airport via one of our trusted local delivery partners
  5. Delivered straight to your recipient

Air Freight FAQ’s

Is air freight reliable for my urgent consignment?

Air freight options are generally a more premium service and therefore can be quicker and more reliable than road or rail options. This of course depends on the location of the pickup and delivery and whether there is an airport close by. Flight frequency and availability is a factor to consider when using air freight services.

Whilst the major airports are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin, there are also some regional airports which might be closer to the end destination. These include the Gold Coast, Cairns, Canberra, Hobart, Port Hedland, Alice Springs and Sunshine Coast. We move all types of airfreight including overnight and time sensitive consignments.

What is the minimum weight for air cargo?

From important documents to a small carton, there’s no consignment too small to travel by air. You might be best putting the contents into an airbag or satchel to ensure they travel safely through the network.

What is the maximum weight for air cargo?

The maximum weight depends on flight availability and the total volume of the consignment. Often the bigger the item, the trickier it can be to move, purely down to the compatibility of the item with other consignments.

Is Air Freight expensive?

Depending on the size of the shipment, airfreight can actually be more cost effective. This is mostly for items that can fit inside a 1kg, 3kg or 5kg satchel or small box.

Do you do same day air freight services?

Yes, we do, this is known as a time critical or next flight service. These services can be really useful to get items around the country in a short period of time.

What is the cost of air freight?

The price of any consignment will depend on the weight and volume of the item. Some carriers offer a fixed price for items that weigh under certain amounts.

What are the benefits of air freight?

Usually, the benefits of air freight is the turn around times and quick deliveries. Surprisingly, it can also be more cost-effective for small cartons or satchels to be transported by air.

Whether you need to get medical equipment across the country, ship spare machinery parts, tiles, shop fittings, exhibition equipment for conferences, emergency or recovery equipment, textiles or clothing samples, presentation pieces or materials, mining equipment, air filters, childcare equipment or arts and crafts. All types of items can be shipped via air freight including fragile, time sensitive, awkward items, big and bulky items or valuable goods.

There are a number of airfreight services we can offer tailored to your needs from domestic air freight, same day air cargo and overnight air services Australia-wide. There a number of options for deliveries outside of “standard working hours” when required.

What goods can travel via an air freight service?

Most consumer goods can travel via air including, dry goods, hardware, textiles, kids arts and crafts materials, sensitive items, fragile items, machinery parts, spare parts, farming equipment, mining equipment, tiles, building materials, clothing, air filters, electronic filters, fuel filters, hydraulic filters, commercial lighting, solar lighting, water filters, safety equipment, signs, promotional materials, consumer goods, beauty products, flooring, cleaning products, food, non-perishable goods, packaging, construction materials, glass, wine, homewares, goods required for conferences or trade shows.

Goods travelling by air need to be well packaged and labelled with a consignment note and any other relevant paperwork. The goods need to be packed in a safe manner suitable for travel via a plane.

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