Freight Management Specialists





Ashley Hawley

(Health Food – W/salers & Mfrs)

” EFS have enabled us to achieve delivery standards to our largest client which previous transport providers told us was impossible. Further to their invaluable expertise, they were able to save us 15% on this area of our business. “

Ben Vlass

(Bicycle & Accessories – W/salers & Mfrs)

Since the first contact with Effective Freight Solutions (EFS) we have had nothing but professional service. Since moving all my freight to EFS my time chasing up freight has decreased substantially as their customer service department is always ready to help with my inquires in a timely manner and resolve any issues on the same day. I can highly recommend Effective Freight Solutions because of their professionalism, rates, customer service and their complete understanding of the client’s needs.

Rebecca Jones

(Cosmetics –W/salers & Mfrs)

” Since using EFS we’ve saved 12% on freight costs. I’ve gained an extra 5-10 hours per week and KPI’s are hitting 99%. “

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